Editing Policy

Considering that we mostly deal with evolving stories and our main source of information is the vast world of the world wide web, our articles often need re-editing, to add new information and links, to correct mistakes, and to re-evaluate arguments. When an article is re-edited articles a ‘last edited’ date is always added at the bottom of the page. When an article is substantially altered it is published as a new entry, both new and old articles being kept online and marked accordingly.
In relation to the language used, the Greek crisis is only part of the wider crisis-politics of modern democracies, capitalism, and the nation-state. This is why this website is published in English. Still, certain articles will also be on offer in Greek.

We aim to have all information we use double-checked and all arguments supported by the right citations and links to other sources and websites, which we also keep copied in our archive. If by any chance any of our readers consider we have made factual mistakes or we have omitted important information please send us your corrections and comments.

The GCHP retains all rights over the material it publishes, but it encourages the free copying and use of any part of its pages as long as our website is acknowledged as the original source.
If, on the other hand, you think that we are violating your copyright, especially in relation to the visual material we use, please tell us and we will immediately address the issue.

Call for Contributions and Collaborations
The project is all about opening a dialogue. We are inviting collaborations and contributions of studies and first-hand information on the topics we focus. We also welcome life observers and diarists ready to write on any aspect of their experience of the Greek crisis. Email us with your ideas, comments and articles.


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