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The Rise of Makis Voridis Or How the Far Right became Mainstream

Until 2010 Makis Voridis (Μάκης Βορίδης) was mainly known as a politician with a long-term association with the far right. Few wanted to be seen in his company. But the crisis offered Voridis the opportunity to move from the margins. By late 2011 he had entered the main halls of government, and since then he … Continue reading

Who is Who: Antonis Samaras

Antonis Samaras (Αντώνης Σαμαράς) is the leader of the conservative party New Democracy since 2009, and prime minister since June 2012. Samaras first came to political prominence as foreign minister in the early 1990s, when he established his reputation as a nationalist, largely due to his role in the ‘Macedonian’ [‘Μακεδονικό’] debacle that still haunts … Continue reading

The Promise of Growth: October 2013

The interplay between Hope and Fear has been a very strong element in how the Greek crisis has been managed at the level of public narratives. Financial Numbers and Political Words have been constantly mixed in ways that produce totally disparate pictures: from predictions of absolute doom (eg Grexit) to visions of a ‘light at … Continue reading

Makis Voridis: Far Right and Mainstream

The rise of the star of Makis Voridis – from the far-right margins of respectability to the main halls of parliament and government (minister for Public Infrastructure in 2011-2012, parliamentary spokesman for New Democracy in 2012-2014, and now Health minister) –  opens a window to the ways that the Greek political and media establishments facilitated, step … Continue reading